College Pro Tips- Photoshop

Pro Tip- Take Photoshop during your college career.

Every college that claims to provide a half decent education should offer an intro to Photoshop course. If they don’t, then I would transfer. Seriously. Photoshop experience is huge for resume building in many areas of employment and, in result, is becoming an opportunity to stand out from your competition when entering the job market. Obviously, Photoshop is more important for majors such as communication, business (all areas), education, sport management, digital media, and PR. These areas of the job market are looking for mildly experienced Photoshop candidates, since digital abilities are becoming of greater need in our internet age. It is important to note that, although employers in the field are looking for this experience, most programs do not include Photoshop as a core class. You will need to look to take this class as a general elective in most cases, but don’t worry, most general electives have no real-world implications and are much more difficult than Photoshop 101. This means that choosing Photoshop as a general elective should be of top priority. Outside of school, Photoshop experience will also help you when looking to promote yourself or looking to open your own business. Many times, Photoshop specialists that design logos or personal business cards charge premiums for their work, which in actuality, are fairly easy to complete in Photoshop with minimal experience on your own.

Even if you don’t end up needed to use Photoshop in your professional life, the class offers a break from whatever major you have been grinding away at. Exploring art is beneficial to sparking creativity and has been linked to improvements in other areas of schooling because of this enhancement of creative thought. Also, as you are probably thinking, these Photoshop classes are usually easy A’s, which is true 90% of the time if you show up and attempt to do the work. This is great for improving or boosting your GPA. Lastly, art classes come with fun rewards like having little homework, laid back professors, invites to art shows, free off campus art events, and the ability to edit all those photos from last weekend’s night out.

Pro Tip: Seriously, between the resume building implications, GPA boosting, no homework, free art event opportunities, why would you not take a Photoshop course? In my experience, the classes are straight forward and carry benefits of Photoshop experience that will only help your efforts of getting a job upon graduation. This is huge, since, as you need to remember, is the real reason you are spending all this money to attend college in the first place.


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