College Pro Tips- Become a “Tutor”

Pro Tip: Become a tutor of your own ability. (Unless you can become a paid tutor, do that as well, since late night food habits are expensive on a college budget.)

To be a “tutor” means to helps others achieve understanding, and I was fortunate enough to be paid for it. I became an English & Writing Skills Tutor in the first semester of my sophomore year at St. John Fisher College. I had only just started my second year of college, nevertheless, I was selected to tutor my fellow classmates in all grade levels and class difficulties. At first this seemed like a daunting task, but I quickly learned the important role tutoring was going to play in my life. Not only was I helping my fellow classmates achieve greatness, but I learned far more than the average college student. I gained priceless knowledge on how to communicate with and understand individuals from all walks of life. This has helped me to succeed in my professional life, as communication and customer understanding is key when working any professional position. Throughout my time as a tutor, I was able to build lasting relationships with many of the students that came to me for tutoring. Since then, these relationships have built into valuable friendships and business partnerships today. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was given, and encourage all students to reach out and become a helping hand for their fellow students.

Pro Tip: Whether it be helping with a simple math problem, or how to write an introduction, everyone has areas of study they are masters in (tutors in) and need to share these skills with the community. Through these acts of selflessness, you will build relationships that will last you a lifetime and learn more about your own ability than ever before. To repeat myself, to be a “tutor” means to helps others achieve understanding, it doesn’t mean you must sit behind a desk and be paid for it. So, I now challenge you, enter each day with the thought of helping others. Be a tutor of your own abilities, and watch as acts selflessness turn into long-term value.